Easy & Quick Remedies for Constipation


Easy and quick remedies for constipation as well as any other traditional recipes products that improve bowel function due to the fact that they contain a large amount of coarse fibers. The fibers irritate the intestinal wall, and they are greatly reduced.

The problem is constipation is commonly widespread, people often do not talk about it. It is seen as a cause of embarrassment.

There are different ways to prevent constipation.

Raisins for Constipation Relief

Raisins are natural laxatives and contain high amount of fiber as well. We all know that constipation is also caused with the intake of diet that lacks in fibre. So eating raisins everyday will prevent constipation and everyone including kids, young adults, old people and pregnant women benefits with raisins in treating constipation.

Take a handful of raisins. Soak them in water overnight. Next morning eat them on an empty stomach. You can also drink the water along side. Or just take handful of raisins everyday and eat them an hour after completing your meals.

Treating Constipation with Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds are rich in dietary fibers and contain 41.9 g of fiber in 100 gms of seeds quantity. This fiber is metabolically inert insoluble fiber and this helps in increasing the bulk of stool by absorbing the water throughout the digestive system and thus eases the constipation. When taken regularly, it helps in complete elimination of constipation.

Take few coriander seeds and add them to a glass of water. Boil this concoction for few minutes by adding peppercorns. Then strain and drink this when it has reached the room temperature. You can also add coriander seeds or coriander powder in your recipes while cooking.

Lemons to Relieve Constipation

Citric acid in lemons acts as a stimulant for our digestive system and also helps in flushing out the toxins and undigested material that may have built up along the walls of the colon. This combination of warm water with salt helps in passing the stool smoothly without any pain.

Squeeze juice of fresh lemons in warm water. Add pinch of salt to it. Shake the concoction well. Sip it slowly.

It works best when taken on empty stomach early in the morning. If that is missed, take it 1-2 hours after eating your meals.

Prunes to Ease Constipation

Prunes or prune juice is one of the most popular remedy for constipation. It acts as a natural laxative as it contains high amount of fiber and sorbitol. This sorbitol softens the stools since it is a natural carbohydrate which is not easily ingested. It also draws lot of water as it passes through the intestines and finally adds bulk to the stool. Note: this may cause a bit of gastric problem.

Drink one glass of prune juice early in the morning and one in the night. You can also eat the prunes instead of drinking its juice.

Flaxseed Oil with Orange Juice to Stop Constipation

Flaxseeds contain high amount of fiber and can be recognized as bulk – forming herbal laxative. They draw water into stool and make it softer thus easier for the bowel movement to pass out of the body. They coat the walls of the intestine and stool, which increases the number of bowel movements you are having. Make sure you are intaking lot of water and other liquids when you’re using this remedy to treat the constipation. Drinking it with orange juice gives the additional benefit of increased fibre quantity. Note: Orange juice with pulp is preferred.

Mix flaxseed oil and orange juice to make a fluid mix. Drink it whenever you feel necessary. But make sure that to give time gap of at least 5 hours to it to start work. and don’t overdo it as it may cause gastric problem.

Olive Oil to Cure Constipation

Olive oil, a healthy oil extracted from the fruit of olive, also helps in preventing the constipation and improves your health too. Adding lemon juice acts as a natural aid for constipation and this also helps in getting extra benefit of flavor.

Early in the morning, consume one tablespoon of olive oil, as it works best on an empty stomach. If you forget to take it with empty stomach, then wait until you take the food and then consume olive oil after one hour of the food intake. You can also mix this olive oil with little bit of lemon juice.

Figs to Prevent Constipation

Figs are packed with fibers and act as natural laxative which helps to prevent the constipation, especially chronic constipation. Here you can use both fresh or dried figs but if fresh figs are available then eat them with their skin, as their peel contains most of the fibre and calcium of the fruit.

Take few figs and boil them in a glass of milk. Drink this milk at night time before going to bed. But be sure that this milk is still warm when you drink it. You can also eat the figs directly with their skin. Using whole fruit is always better than syrups that are available in the market. Or you can even soak 4 -5 dried figs in water during night and eat them in the early morning on an empty stomach.

Treating Constipation with Baking Soda

Baking soda is incredibly versatile. It is a bicarbonate that helps in the release of inside body air and relieves the body from unnecessary pressure. It also re-alkalizes the stomach to neutralize the acid and makes the stored feces pass through your gut. This in turn helps in constipation.

Take baking soda in a bowl. Mix it well in warm water. Drink the liquid mix right after dissolving baking soda in it.

Spinach to Reduce Constipation

Spinach possesses the properties of cleansing, rebuilding and renewing the intestinal tract to regulate the bowel movements. It is recommended in both Ayurveda and Chinese herbal medicines to treat the constipation. It is one of the oldest remedies used to cure the most stubborn cases of constipation. However, if you have any kind of kidney ailment, consult a doctor before trying out this remedy.
Take spinach juice and water in equal quantities. Mix them well and drink the fluid.

Aloe Vera to Cure Constipation

Aloe vera is a known medicinal herb for its soothing property. It not only soothes the minor cuts and burns but also soothes your stomach / tummy. So to get more effective results, you have to use the gel that has been directly extracted from the aloe plant which is more concentrated than commercial juices.

Take aloe vera gel and mix it with fruit juice. Drink it early in the morning. If fresh aloe vera pulp is not available, drink the preserved aloe vera juice.

Oranges to Heal Constipation

Oranges are rich in vitamin C and also possess lot of fiber which help in easy digestion, stimulate the bowel and prevent the waste accumulation in the colon. Thus, regular intake of 2 – 4 oranges everyday will help in cure constipation completely.

Eat two-four oranges everyday. Not only will they help in constipation, they will also help in stronger teeth and better, glowing skin.

Grapes to Get Rid of Constipation

Grapes contain cellulose, sugar and organic acid. These three together make grapes a natural laxative food that helps immensely in preventing constipation especially chronic constipation. So regularly have fresh grape fruits throughout the day on daily basis to get complete relief from the constipation. You can also take grape juice that tones the internal muscles of the stomach and provides relief from constipation through easy digestion.

Eat a small bowl of grapes everyday to keep constipation at bay. Or you can drink the glass full of fresh grapes juice. Or take 10 – 12 dry seedless grapes and milk. Mix them well and boil the mix for few minutes. Then drink this concoction in evening.

Castor Oil Treatment for Constipation

Castor oil is derived from castor plant that helps to heal many health problems including constipation. This is one of the finest natural stimulant laxatives that contracts the bowel and squeezes it, so you can easily and comfortably pass the stool. It is so effective that you can expect comfortable bowl movement within 4 – 7 hours of consuming castor oil.

Take castor oil and add this to either warm milk or warm water. Stir it well and drink this milk at night before going to bed. Or you can drink this oil mixed with water to have free flow of bowel movement.

Cabbage to Ease Constipation

As we all know that cabbage is rich in fiber and that helps in keeping the digestive tract healthy. It has mild laxative elements that stimulate the bowel movement through proper cleaning of the stomach and intestines.

Take a cupful of cabbage juice twice daily before eating your meal. Or you can take in curry or steamed form to prevent the constipation. Regular intake will give better results.

Guava for Constipation Relief

Guava is another effective fruit that has many health benefits including treating constipation. It (pulp and seeds) has both soluble and insoluble fibers that help in passing of stool easily. It helps in mucus production in the anus. It also aids in contraction of the intestinal lining and finally helps in smooth passage of food into stomach. Thus, it is wise to include this fruit in your diet and it is more effective if taken in proper way.

Eat Guava in breakfast. If you’re suffering from gastric problem then eat it after lunch and don’t consume it at night time. Remember that while eating guava, you should not chew its seeds which may cause problem for people who suffer from stomach ulcers and this may contribute to constipation. The best way to eat guava is to eat the pulp, along with the peel while softly chewing the seeds.

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