Sea Salt Shampoo Recipe. DIY Hair Detox


Natural homemade shampoo is easy to make and safe to use. It’s hard to deny it. The process of making your own hair cleanser with sea salt can give your fantasy some freedom with creating new mixtures and finding the right ratio of ingredients.

In this article I wanna share one of my recent DIY sea salt shampoo recipe. I thought it could be a nice decision to combine natural ingredients like sea salt and herbal infusion in one product. To be honest, my attempt was a real success!

I’ve chosen sea salt as a base for hair shampoo just because it works so wonderful on hair. My homemade sea salt scalp scrub has already proved that! Salt may improve circulation and stimulate hair regrowth (especially when you suffer hair fall), relieve itchy scalp and even help treat psoriasis. No matter you use sea salt for hair to solve scalp problems or simply to add the natural luster and boost up volume of your hair – be sure you hair will be in perfect condition anyway!

Homemade Shampoo with Sea Salt: How to Make

Try to replace commercial shampoo with all-natural hair cleanser on the basis of sea salt. The composition of this shampoo consists of vegetable and essential oils, which act on the hair follicle and secretory glands in the scalp. At home, you can easily make a natural shampoo that will not only save your hair from falling out, but also give them a beautiful, well-groomed appearance.

Better avoid using sea salt shampoo if you have scalp irritation, red itchy spots or any other imperfections. Any wound or scratch – a direct contraindication is application of sea salt on scalp. Homemade shampoo with salt is not recommended for those who have sensitive scalp and very dry hair. So be careful!

Hair Loss Treatment. How to make sea salt shampoo

For shampoo recipe with sea salt you will need:

  • 2 tablespoons of sea salt
  • 3 tablespoons of herbal infusion (if you have light hair, use chamomile infusion, for dark hair nettle is perfect choice)
  • 1 teaspoon of baby soap flakes
  • 1 teaspoon of base oil (olive, macadamia, avocado)
  • essential oils (depending on your taste and hair problem to solve)

Making herbal infusion for hair. First, buy dried herbs at any drugstore. Pour 1 tablespoon of dried herbs with a cup of hot water and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Homemade Sea salt shampoo. Hair growth treatment

Variety of herbs can solve different hair problems associated with hair loss, split ends or lack of luster. For example:

Sage – prevents hair loss and stimulate hair growth (read more about sage).
Nettle – traditional herb used in hair loss treatment, makes hair shiny and soft. Not suitable for blonde hair as it can add some green hue to it.
Chamomile – gives golden hue to hair, makes them shiny, suitable for all hair types.

Use a baby soap (or any other but make sure it contains only organic components). Grate it into flakes. 1 teaspoon will be enough to create cleansing foam on hair while washing. Then dissolve soap flakes in herbal infusion prepared beforehand until you get smooth liquid. Mix soap base with sea salt.

Sea salt shampoo. Hair Growth. Natural remedy

Sea salt benefits for hair. Make hair grow faster

Sea salt in shampoo. As you already know, sea salt is main component in homemade recipe. Basically, sea salt in hair contributes much benefits to hair state making them clean and voluminous. You can buy it at any supermarket. The only thing to remember – pay much attention to its consistency: don’t choose sea salt with large grains because while washing your head you can scratch scalp and it will cause burning sensation. The same rule should be followed if you decide to apply sea salt scrub – learn more details in my special post: Sea Salt Scalp Scrub for Fast Hair Growth
DIY Homemade shampoo with salt. Hair loss treatment

Use base oil for shine and soft hair. It is very important to add any base oil to homemade shampoo recipe as for main reason: sea salt has ability to dry out skin or hair so base oil helps to avoid such effect. Again, depending on your hair condition, you can choose variety of oils.

Hair Growing Shampoo with salt. Natural treatment for hair loss

  • Olive oil – suitable for any hair type. Deeply nourishes hair follicles and make hair shiny and add additional volume.
  • Macadamia oil – perfect remedy for dry and damaged hair. Has the ability to even root part with tips creating tiny film on each hair. Adds strength promoting hair growth.
  • Avocado oil – suitable for sensitive scalp and restores damaged and brittle hair. Stimulates hair growth and prevent the appearance of split ends.
  • Hazelnut oil – has thick consistency but wonderfully works on oily hair. Removes excess scalp grease and leaves the effect of clean hair for quite long time. Moisturizes hair roots.

Choose essential oil according to your hair problem. If your hair is healthy and normal, is not dry or oily and is easy to manage and always has luster, apply lavender oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, rose oil, geranium oil to your mixture.

Sea salt shampoo. Stop hair loss naturally

If your hair is dry, damaged, tangled, or has split ends, pay attention to sandalwood oil, patchouli oil, neroli or elemi.

For owners of oily hair it is necessary to have lemon, orange or tea tree oil to add to sea salt shampoo recipe. Tea tree oil is especially good at preventing dandruff and scalp itching.

If you suffer from hair loss and wish to get rid of this unpleasant problem – buy sage, bay, or rosemary oil. Their healing benefits can contribute much to hair growth and prevent unwanted baldness.

Sea salt organic shampoo. Benefits and Uses

Natural sea salt shampoo. Hair loss treatment

Besides natural shampoo sea salt is used in hairstyles. Easy tips and recipes are presented for you in my post: Homemade Sea Salt Spray for Amazing Hair

Usage & Storage of Homemade Sea Salt Shampoo

You can keep the mixture in a small bottle. You don’t have to prepare a huge amount of shampoo with salt – 1 portion of mixture will be enough for one preparation. Keep shampoo in fridge for 5-6 days depending how often you wash your hair but don’t prolong this time period. You already know that homemade shampoo doesn’t have preservatives so its shelf life is 1 week at maximum.

Use this shampoo to improve the condition of your hair and prevent thinning. Visible results (new growth) ought to be noticeable after around a month and you should keep on utilizing it throughout next 2 months

Sea salt creates a detoxifying blend that removes old gunk without stripping all the healthy oils. Since there’s less weighing it down, you’ll notice your hair’s own natural volume. But don’t overuse your shampoo with salt: regular application more than once a month will make your hair too clean (it will completely remove all natural oils from scalp) which is also not good for hair health.

You can follow your shampoo wash with herbal rinse for better results: nettle hair rinse or oak bark.

Sea Salt Remedy for Grey Hair: Myth or Reality?

Shampoo with salt is believed to prevent premature graying. Those who already tried sea salt in treatments to get rid of white hairs usually claim this natural remedy helps to save hair color. To be honest, this is a pure myth. Yes, homemade salt recipe may help to combat dandruff or eliminate excess hair loss but it will never affect the process of hair graying. Things which are connected with genetics peculiarities cannot be changed so easily even by impact coming from outside. Let’s find the right answer appealing to physiological aspects.

The root of every strand of hair is surrounded by a tube of tissue under the skin (it is called the hair follicle). Each hair follicle contains a certain number of pigment cells. These pigment cells continuously produce a chemical called melanin that gives the growing shaft of hair its color of brown, blonde, red, and anything in between.

Melanin is the same stuff making our skin’s color fair or darker. It also helps determine whether a person will burn or tan in the sun. The dark or light color of someone’s hair depends on the amount of melanin in each hair. As we get older, the pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually die. When there are fewer pigment cells in a hair follicle, that strand of hair will no longer contain enough melanin and will acquire a more transparent color – like gray, silver, or white – as it grows. As people continue to get older, less and less pigment cells will remain to produce melanin. In the long run, the hair will look completely gray.

Summing up, no matter you apply sea salt shampoo on hair or not – this won’t do anything to prevent hair graying. This is natural process and if you already noticed white hairs on head in your 20-s – heredity is the only one to be blamed. Sea salt cannot change your genes!

Anyway, don’t feel afraid to experiment! Try this beauty discovery!

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  1. Lol.I have to respond to the graying issue. I started using a home made seasalt scrub for my sebhorric dermatitis. Although, at 44 I had zero gray hairs, My hair was getting thinner and thinner . The seasalt worked wonders for my SD and I started to finally notice new growth. New growth that actually included GRAY HAIRS! So I can attest to the fact that you will get new growth using sea salt; but perhaps be prepared for new growth with some sneaky grays in there too!

  2. actually i m suffering from hair loss and my age is 21 .not only that i have tried several things but now i got sea salt which is a easier source .m gonna prepare this shampoo n start applying.

  3. because I been suffering for hair loss more posts than 4 years so my hair can’t growth please guys I really need your help on this

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