Vitamin for Preschool Children. Effects and Influence on the Development of Healthy Kids


Food is one of the most influencing parts in healthy children development. Child’s diet largely determines the proper growth of the organism. After all, through the food our little boys and girls receive everything that fulfills body with obligatory vitamins and minerals.

Importance of Good Nutrition for Preschoolers

Nutrition, exactly what and how you eat, has a major influence on all aspects of fast growing youngsters. In early childhood good and proper food determines how a child grows, and leads to formation a full-fledged healthy person.

Right nutrition diet meant that food allowance includes all necessary products; products which supply human organism with missing vitamins and minerals. Such a diet should provide the strengthening and improvement of the general state of health, the prevention and elimination of emerging diseases.

Vitamins have an important influence on the development of preschool children. Therefore, a child’s diet should be full. It should contain a sufficient amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates, water, minerals and vitamins. In this child’s diet should be varied. It is necessary that the child ate and plant products, and meat and fish products.

Of course, the food for the baby to be healthy and natural. It should not contain any harmful impurities, germs. It is important that the food was not only delicious, but also useful. And most importantly, the food should be sufficient the caloric content and volume, otherwise the child will not get the required amount of vitamins.

Different vitamins have a major impact on the development of pre-school children, and in the daily diet should be sufficient amount of nutrients. Therefore, to add to the diet of children fruits, berries and different vegetables, rich in mineral salts and vitamins.

Proper Diet of Preschool Children

For the normal development of children should be added to their diet of meat, it is better – chicken, turkey, veal or lean beef. You also need to give the child and fish, preferably walleye. Hake, pollock and other low-fat varieties. It is important to give children milk and milk vitamins – a source of vitamin B2, calcium, phosphorus, easily digestible protein. Fruits, vegetables and fresh juices are also important. They contain pectin, cellulose, dietary fiber and other nutrients.

Despite the fact that many parents try to limit their intake of their children flour products, most excluded from the diet pasta, cereals and breads. It should be added to the diet of vegetable oil. A limit should receive canned food, sausages, fatty meats, and hot spices and seasonings. These products have a negative impact on the development of preschool children.

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