Lemon Verbena Essential Oil. Description, Benefits & Uses


Lemon verbena is widely used by herbalists and natural doctors, and is quite common in herbal tea recipes you’ll find in your local health food store. Naturopathic practitioners recommend lemon verbena to people suffering from stress, insomnia, depression, asthma, even acne — it’s good stuff!

Although verbena is native to South America, it has largely become a globally accessible plant and herb due to its powerful medicinal effects and qualities as a food additive. Traditional uses of lemon verbena oil as a medicinal herb have come back into fashion, especially since modern research has revealed a wealth of unique components that make this plant very important for human health.

Lemon verbena essential oil (Lippia citriodora) belongs to the family Verbenaceae. This plant is often used as a hedge in countries such as Chile and Argentina. The essential oil of verbena is produced in France, China, Kenya and North Africa. The oil has a pale yellow color and a fruity lemon flavor. Produce aromatic oil from the upper inflorescences plants by distillation.

Experts have made some pretty positive statements about the health benefits of lemon verbena essential oil. Its characteristic lemony smell has seen it being used widely in Aromatherapy. Some opinions made by experts shed light on the other health benefits of this amazing essential oil.

There are several methods by which lemon verbena oil can be applied. It can be dispersed into the air for inhalation via a vaporizer, diffuser, or burner. Topical applications of lotions, creams, or the oil itself may be used on the skin for certain conditions. Adding it to bathwater can be an effective way of applying it to the skin as well as allowing some inhalation via steam. A few drops may also be added to massage oil for additional stress relief during a massage.

Effects & Actions of Lemon Verbena Oil

Effects of lemon verbena oil on internal organs and systems

  • antispasmodic
  • antipyretic
  • aphrodisiac
  • antidepressant
  • tonic
  • regenerating

Usage of lemon verbena oil of in cosmetology

  • It facilitates rapid and effective sunburn, prevents burnout and stains.
  • It rejuvenates, tightens and smoothes the skin.
  • It eliminates flabbiness and increases the elasticity of the problem areas of the body (abdomen, thighs, buttocks, breasts).

Impact of lemon verbena oil on psycho-emotional sphere

Subtle erotic stimulant, awakens sensuality, intuition and imagination.
It displays the state of apathy.
It stimulates mental activity, especially the creative and logical thinking side.

Domestic use: deodorant body.

Impact of lemon verbena oil on human bio-energy field

Scent of Success – increases the “good fortune” of the personality, has a healing and tonic effect on the aura, reducing the amount of energy defects. It makes it easy and natural to correct the mistakes and failures, opening the mind to a fair and honorable way out of an unpleasant situation.

Use in cooking: aromatisation of liquors and tea.

Indications in usage of lemon verbena oil

  • Digestive system: stimulates digestion, eliminates stagnation in the liver, eliminate stomach cramps.
  • Cardiovascular system: normalizes blood pressure. It is shown in the vascular dystonia and asthenia.
  • Regenerating tissue after bruises, contusions, sprains, fractures.
  • Eliminates dizziness, headache, cerebral vasospasm.
  • It facilitates and shortens the time of delivery. It stimulates lactation.

Contraindications in Usage of Verbena Oil

The early stages of pregnancy (the oil increases the tone of the uterus).
Do not use on skin before going out in the sun. Allergic reactions are possible.

Blended well with: melissa, mint, lavender, neroli, lemon and other citrus fruits.

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