Lemon Essential Oil. Description, Benefits & Uses


Lemon oil works in many areas of your life, from household cleaning to supporting brain energy and freshening the air. As an extra bonus, it adds flavor to your water or your favorite foods, all while helping you get rid of bacteria!

Lemon (Citrus limon) is one of the 16 different species of the genus Citrus, Rutaceae family. Lemon tree Venue of up to 5 meters. Lemon essential oil obtained from the rind of the fruit by cold pressing. To produce 1 kg of essential oil it will require 3,000 lemons.

Ready lemon essential oil has a color from pale yellow to slightly green-yellow and possesses refreshing fruit flavor.

Lemons have been used for their medicinal properties for centuries, and their health benefits are well-documented. Many centuries ago, the ancient Egyptians would drink lemon juice to clear their bodies of toxins and poisons. Modern science tells us that the Egyptians were on to something – lemons have strong antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Science has further discovered that lemons are also good immune system boosters, help aid in digestion, and can help detoxify and purify the liver.

The earliest lemon tree is said to have originated from northeastern India. Around the 10th century, the tree was cultivated primarily as an ornamental plant. Arab merchants brought lemon seeds to Spain in the 11th century. By the year 1150, the lemon was being cultivated in the Mediterranean. Soldiers from the Crusade introduced it to other parts of Europe. In the 15th century, Europeans were using lemons to add flavor to their dishes. After some time, commercial cultivation has become popular in the United States, particularly in the states of California and Florida. These days, lemons are among the most popular citrus fruits in the market. Apart from its culinary purposes, lemon is also widely used for its medicinal properties.

Effects & Actions of Lemon Oil

Effects of lemon oil on the internal organs and systems

  • antitumor
  • antifungal
  • antibacterial
  • antiviral
  • astringent
  • anti-inflammatory
  • immune-stimulating
  • diuretic
  • expectorant
  • soothing

Effects of lemon oil on the psycho-emotional sphere

The use lemon oil helps to increase the concentration of the mind, lift your spirits and cheer.

Lemon is often thought of as the “rational” oil, as it may help with clarity and decision-making.
A study in Japan revealed that the simple scent of lemons can help you perform tasks more accurately. In fact, it showed that typing errors were reduced by more than 50% when lemon essential oil was diffused throughout a busy office environment.

Effects of essential oil of lemon on human bio-energy field

Essential oil of lemon helps to cleanse the spiritual bodies. It helps to quickly adapt to new things (change of employment, housing, new friends). Clarifies the mind, it gives clarity of thought. It awakens creative thinking and helps treat philosophical failures.

Usage of Lemon Oil in Cosmetology

Lemon Oil in Hair Care: prevents seborrhea, hair loss and brittle hair, oily hair.

Used for oily skin, as it helps to deal with acne, reduce oiliness of the skin, it is an excellent cleansing and antiseptic. Lemon essential oil has antiseptic properties and acts as an astringent that can be used for minor skin infections including acne. It is often used in a compress or as a cleanser to disinfect the skin infection. Dilute lemon and lavender essential oils (or tea tree essential oil) in a bowl of water and use a facecloth absorbed with the mixture and hold on the skin infection for up to 10 minutes.

Lemon oil has bleaching properties, so used to eliminate pigmentation of the skin (freckles, age spots).

It is used for strengthening, bleaching and stimulate nail growth.

Lemon essential oil is also known for its anti-cellulite properties.

In using an essential oil helps to get into a quick and even tan.

Lemon essential oil also has anti-viral properties, so it can be used in a lip balm to treat cold sores as soon as you feel a cold sore coming on. Mix 1 tablespoon of base oil with a few drops of lemon oil (you can also add to the mixture tea tree oil or lavender essential oil), dip a clean cotton swab in the mixture, and apply directly to the cold sore. Keep the mixture in sealed glass container and repeat several times a day until the sore is gone.

Lemon oil appears to provide the benefits linked to anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities against bad bacteria, yeast, and fungi. This includes Candida albicans, which is a fungal infection caused by yeasts, and there are over 20 different species that can cause infections in humans.

Domestic use of lemon essential oil: repels mosquitoes, flies and other insects. Effectively cleanse away fleas in cats and dogs. Disinfection and aromatization of the premises.

Use of lemon oil in cooking: as a flavoring agent in the preparation of desserts, sauces, drinks alcoholic beverages.

If you are using it for aromatherapy, keep in mind that lemon essential oil has a shelf life of 8 to 10 months. When it reaches that period, you can still use it in vapor therapy. Using lemon oil in vapor treatment is a great way to treat colds, flu, depression, stress, and fatigue. After opening, make sure to place your bottle of lemon oil away from sunlight to maintain its efficacy.

Benefits & Side Effects of Lemon Oil

Indications in usage of lemon oil

infectious diseases (influenza, herpes, chicken pox, hepatitis, measles, mumps), memory impairment, gout, cleansing the liver and kidneys, urinary tract infections, parasites, varicose veins, anxiety, rheumatism, heart rhythm disorders, anemia, restores natural formula blood, atherosclerosis, hypertension, bleeding gums, headache, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, cleanses the body of toxins, obesity, hemorrhoids.

Contraindications in usage of lemon oil

Lemon essential oil does not seem to produce any side effects, but like many essential oils, it is not recommended for use with pregnant women or children. Some essential oils may cause irritation or allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin so it is wise to do a patch test before using regularly.

This oil increases the photosensitivity of the skin. After the application of drugs containing essential oil of lemon expose your skin to direct sunlight can be no earlier than 24 hours.

Blends well with: juniper, caprices, lavender, mint, ale, neroli and all citrus.

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