Lavender Essential Oil. Description, Benefits & Uses


Lavender oil is probably the most soothing scent a person can ever experience. It can also be added to various dishes for flavoring, and can help soothe the mind and spirit too. But not many of us are aware of the wonderful benefits of lavender.

Family Labiatae. Lavender essential oil obtained by distillation from all parts of the plant. The liquid has no color and has a soft floral scent. The Latin name for Lavender is Lavare, indicating “to wash”; simply because of its smell that satisfies the actual sensation of a clean aroma. By means of distillation by steam, Lavender Oil is actually squeezed from its fresh blossoms.

Effects & Actions of Lavender Oil

Effects of lavender oil on internal organs and systems

  • analgesic
  • antispasmodic
  • sedative
  • antiseptic
  • diuretic
  • diaphoretic
  • antimigraine
  • hypotensive
  • anthelmintic
  • antirheumatic
  • healing

Usage of lavender essential oil in cosmetology

  • It has a rejuvenating effect, helps with domestic and sun burns, prevents acne.
  • Well suited for sensitive skin, because it eliminates the redness, irritation, swelling, itching, peeling, and stops inflammatory process.
  • It stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. Can be successfully used for the treatment of stretch marks and scars.
  • Lavender Oil in Hair Care: Natural treatment for damaged hair, eliminate dandruff, prevents hair loss and reduce split ends. In addition, people with undesirable lice or unwanted nits will certainly take advantage and make full use of lavender oil. Aside from that, this can be applied to someone who is really struggling with hair fall. In order to make your hair grow again, just do a soft and gentle scalp massage onto your scalp using lavender oil. You can do these before or while taking a shower. You can actually see and feel the result immediately as time goes by.
  • Lavender Oil to Prevent Hair Loss: The therapeutic properties of Lavender Oil aromatherapy helps to relieve some of the phycological stress and helps to prevent hair loss and hair loss related conditions. It also helps to promote blood circulation throughout the body (including the scalp), which promotes strong and healthy hair growth.

Effects of lavender oil on the psycho-emotional sphere

  • Lavender oil perfectly balances the nervous system.
  • Eliminates anxiety, depression and insomnia, bringing calmness and clarity.
  • Reduces the feeling of excitement, unproductive self-destructive emotions.
  • The scent of creativity and inner peace, developing an abstract approach to the conflicts and troubles, does not allow insults and painful stress savoring the details, “occupy” the mind. Eliminates crying and hysterical reactions.

Domestic use of lavender essential oil: the smell of lavender and moles expels mosquitoes.

Impact of lavender essential oil on bio-energetic field

  • It has a significant effect on the solar plexus, soothing the spirit of anger.
  • Balancing all the chakras.
  • The fragrance of meditation and self-improvement.
  • Opens energy conductivity, helping to quickly reset the dark, ballast substance and quickly restore harmony enlightened soul.
  • It provides complete energy relaxation helps the resorption of “scars” on the energy shell.
  • Reduces aggression, it helps to subdue envy.

Indications in Usage of Lavender Oil

  • It has an analgesic effect on headaches, vascular spasm, a preventive tool against atherosclerosis.
  • Natural Treatment of Cough.
  • It strengthens the body’s resistance to fatigue and Infectious Diseases.
  • Promotes leveling rate, it eliminates tachycardia and heartaches neurotic.
  • It is mild antispasmodic.
  • Normalizes blood pressure.
  • Helps clean the body out of toxins.
  • A potent wound-healing.
  • It optimizes digestion, normalizes the liver and gall bladder, has a mild choleretic action.
  • The analgesic effect of neuritis, neuralgia, joint and muscle pain.
  • It has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory action with cystitis, urethritis. Perfect hygienic agent for vaginitis.

Lavender is extremely useful in many respects for all systems of the body. It’s great for high blood pressure, heart palpitations and other violations of cardiovascular activity through a calming effect on the heart.

It soothes pain, eliminates spasms, inflammation in cases such as arthritis, muscle pains, rheumatism, cramps and sprains.

The well-known immune stimulant, it is recommended to protect against any infections, viruses, colds and throat diseases.

Lavender is invaluable for skin care due to rejuvenating powers and balancing effect.

Contraindications in Usage of Lavender Oil

Not recommended to apply in the first months of pregnancy, and especially after the abortion. Do not consume on the background of iodine and iron-containing drugs for anemia. Check the flavor for individual tolerance.

Blends well with all essential oils.

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