Seaweed Against Hair Loss. DIY Nori Shampoo for Hair Treatment


Organic seaweed cleanser is easy to prepare and the results of its application can make you refuse using commercial shampoo without any regret. Seaweed is very beneficial for hair as its healing properties can stimulates hair growth and prevent hair loss.

What makes a girl look charming and even more beautiful? Right, I’m talking about long and shiny hair which is not so easy to obtain. Everybody knows growing healthy hair demands not only time but bulk amount of money and patience. Commercial hair care products can make your hair shiny and heavy immediately after first use but at the same time their chemical ingredients don’t do anything good to your hair.

Homemade Hair Cleanser vs. Commercial Shampoo

Besides its hydrating and antibacterial properties, seaweed shampoo contains a huge amount of nutrients and antioxidants. They typically remove dirt and oil from the hair very efficiently, leaving the beneficial enzymes behind. Seaweed enzymes may help avoid dandruff, stimulate hair growth and infuse hair with moisture and shine.

Nowadays it is easy to find any hair care product in shops and commercial seaweed shampoos is not an exception. The only fact that may stop you from purchasing it – the price tag. Yes, such shampoos are usually quite expensive, especially if they contain organic ingredients. These are often expensive to procure and preserve, implying that the price of the end product must be higher.

Homemade seaweed shampoos often resemble store-bought products with their healing benefits but the main difference is that they usually don’t contain any preservatives whereas for commercial variant it is an obligatory component. This means any homemade seaweed shampoo must be kept in fridge between uses so it doesn’t begin to spoil. Most homemade mixtures include unscented liquid soap, glycerin, and seaweed powder or spoonfuls of seaweed extract.

While making homemade seaweed shampoo, it is necessary to purchase nori strips from the grocery store or order seaweed extracts or powders online. Nori strips can be processed in a nut or coffee grinder for about 30 seconds to become powder. Extracts cost higher that powder and strips, but they’re also more concentrated.

The good point of all homemade shampoos is that you may feel free to vary ingredients in recipes. Choosing herbs, for example, is an issue of hair type or color: blonds may include chamomile and lemon juice in their shampoos, redheads may want to try rooibos tea or cinnamon, while brunettes might experiment with rosemary, black tea, and coffee.

Give up idea to use shampoos and conditioners and try to go all natural! There are various recipes of hair masks that can promise to make hair healthy, soft and voluminous. As being obsessed with all natural, I tried many homemade things for my hair, but nothing can compare with hair cleanser recipe which I tried recently.

Actually, this recipe can be used as organic hair shampoo which you apply twice a week. Homemade cleanser for hair includes three basic ingredients: clay, seaweed and essential oils. These organic components are crucial for hair care so none of them shouldn’t be neglected in seaweed hair cleanser recipe. Let’s check all ingredients in detail and how they affect the hair condition.

Seaweed Hair Shampoo Recipe

Preparing your own hair cleanser doesn’t take much time and this recipe is easy make.

Organic Hair Cleanser. Natural Shampoo

You will need:

  • dry seaweed (powder or extract)
  • clay (any color)
  • essential oil (optional)

First, prepare seaweed liquid. For hair mask you will need 1 tablespoon of dry seaweed and 1 cup of hot water. So, pour dry seaweed with hot water and infuse for half an hour. You will notice that liquid becomes more slippery.

Organic Hair Cleanser. Natural Shampoo. Hair care

Remember that you shouldn’t use boiling water as all necessary vitamins contained in seaweed will be destroyed. Seaweed is the basic and unique ingredient in my hair mask recipe. It can repair damaged hair and give shine and luster to dull and dry hair. Having tried this homemade hair cleanser I refused to use any commercial hair shampoo as this natural recipe gives amazing feeling of healthy hair!

Organic Hair Cleanser. Natural Shampoo. Clay mask

When seaweed is ready add 2 tablespoon of clay into the infusion. You can use any type of clay according to your hair condition. In my case, I used pink clay. Mix the ingredients until you get a smooth paste (just like sour cream). Don’t add too much seaweed infusion into clay as the mixture may become watery so it will be uncomfortable to apply.

Organic Hair Cleanser. Natural Shampoo. Beauty Secret

As a final step, add essential oil (any kind you like). As for me, I prefer to use lavender, patchouli, vanilla or jasmine essential oil. They give wonderful fragrance to hair. Use seaweed hair cleanser twice a week.

How to Apply Homemade Hair Cleanser?

The resulting mixture better apply on damp hair. Start with massaging it into scalp and spread the left part of homemade cleanser on hair. You can leave it on for 10 minutes as an alternative to hair mask or you can wash it away immediately as a shampoo. Don’t use any soap or conditioner – let your hair get used to natural treatment. But if you find you hair dry after procedure, then it is recommended to apply herbal rinse: if you have blonde hair – use chamomile infusion, for dark hair – oak bark conditioner or nettle rinse.

Remember: If you have never used homemade shampoo before your hair may need to go through a short transition period seeing that it is different than your regular commercial shampoo. Your hair will feel different than usual after shampooing with seaweed shampoo but it shouldn’t stop you from washing your hair with it. Just have a little patience and your hair will get used to your homemade cleanser.

Seaweed Shampoo Benefits for Hair

Due to various additives in recipes it becomes possible to enhance particular effect depending on which hair problem you wish to solve. Below you can discover shampoo composition secrets:

Secret Ingredient #1: Seaweed

This is absolutely amazing component for various DIY hair masks recipes. Believe me, if you try this all natural hair cleanser, you will be surprised with the better hair condition because seaweed is really great for hair. None of commercial shampoo or conditioner will compare with this organic hair mask ingredient. This is really so, because seaweed has a healing effect on hair.

Natural Hair Shampoo. Seaweed Benefits for hair

Let’s start with the fact that seaweed is rich in vitamins and trace elements, which enhance all the biochemical reactions in the skin cells, improve the delivery of nutrients and thereby stimulates hair growth. Seaweed helps to cleanse the skin and removes dead skin cells, making the hair amazingly clean, soft and shiny.

Seaweed strengthens hair and stops hair loss (alopecia). It normalizes metabolic processes occurring in the scalp, provides hair roots with necessary nourishment. Seaweed is a natural stimulant of hair follicles and can cure oily or dry seborrhea. That’s why hair cleanser with seaweed is worth trying.

You might know that seaweed is popular in for skin care treatments. If you wish to have youth-looking and fresh skin all the time, then read this special post: Natural Seaweed Face Mask. Don’t Hesitate to Use It!

Secret Ingredient #2: Clay

With the help of clay shampoo consistency is less watery and can be easily applied on hair. The main property of clay – its ability to absorb and neutralize everything: the negative impact of the environment or chemically active substances, or consequences of antibiotics usage. Clay is able to quickly draw out harmful substances from the skin and hair. That’s why it is widely used in hair care.

Clay also is an excellent antiseptic, which makes it the perfect tool in treatment of dandruff. It affects the ability to handle stress hair, making them less susceptible to negative factors that can be expressed in the form of the stiffness of the hair. So all these healing properties make clay masks the most popular and effective among girls.

Organic Hair Shampoo. Clay Benefits for hair

Clay has different color, as well as its health properties are various. In the following list you can find the variety of beauty benefits of clay.

  • Blue clay – has regenerative properties, strengthens hair follicles and helps remove dandruff and prevent hair loss (alopecia).
  • Black clay – the most effective clay which speeds up faster hair growth. After clay hair mask application hair becomes stronger and much thicker.
  • White clay – repairs damaged dry hair (especially after color change), prevents scalp dryness and itching, makes hair more elastic, thicker and stronger.
  • Red clay – able to normalize sebum production and perfectly restores the water balance of the scalp.
  • Green clay – fighting against greasy hair, normalizes functioning of sebum glands and helps to prevent dandruff.
  • Pink clay – solves the problem tangled hair. Also, it relieves scalp irritation and prevents the split ends.
  • Yellow clay – used to make hair shiny and lustrous, gives healthy look to dull and dry hair.

Due to its combination of excellent beneficial properties for hair and scalp, clay is basic component to most DIY hair masks. Its composition (aluminum, iron, calcium, magnesium, titanium dioxide) makes it easy to clean the hair and its high levels of silicon stimulates hair growth.

If you got interested in hair mask with clay, read special post: Homemade Clay Masks for Long & Heavy Hair

Regularly using hair masks with clay, you can get rid of the following hair problems:

  • Premature hair loss
  • Dull and brittle hair
  • Dandruff and scalp itching
  • Effects of allergic reactions to chemical agents

In general, I can say that clay is an excellent variant of shampooless hair cleanser. Though it doesn’t create foam on hair, but it makes them very clean and fresh!

Secret Ingredient #3: Essential Oils

This is the optional ingredient in homemade hair shampoo. I recommend using essential oil because seaweed has some kind of unpleasant smell so after washing your hair with seaweed you won’t be annoyed with awful odor. Though I know some girls who really like seaweed smell – they say it reminds them of time spent on the beach near the sea.

Homemade Hair Shampoo. Essential Oil. Aromatherapy

  • If you have dry hair, choose oils of ylang-ylang, rosemary, lavender, geranium, juniper, patchouli, orange, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and blue daisies. Use them for hair masks adding 2-3 drops.
  • For oily hair use sage oil, lemon tea tree, cypress, cedar, bergamot, rosemary, lemon balm, eucalyptus and pine.
  • To strengthen hair or stop hair loss (alopecia) use bay oil, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, mandarin, neroli, chamomile, cedar, cinnamon, pine for organic hair masks.
  • If you wish to speed up hair growth add 2-3 drops of oil you like: thyme, rosemary, sage, ylang-ylang, pine.
  • For dandruff treatment use tea tree oil, cypress, juniper, eucalyptus, cedar, lavender, orange, rose.

Seaweed Shampoo Reviews

If you still use conventional shampoos, then it is time to try natural hair products. No more hesitation! Most girls praise wonderful benefits of seaweed and already use it in hair treatment. If any doubt, then check some of their seaweed reviews.

Seaweed Shampoo ReviewsSandy Black, 24
After giving birth to my son, my hair became dull and brittle. I’ve tried many natural remedies. I used different masks, various supplements but nothing could change the situation. I got to know the recipe of seaweed cleanser for hair. I liked the idea that I can refuse commercial variants just to make my hair condition better. The result pleased me. After regular use, my hair loss was significantly reduced. I plan to continue applying seaweed shampoo to the best results.

Seaweed Shampoo ReviewsTerry Kerry, 34
I knew some recipes of using seaweed on face but as a hair treatment it was a surprise for me. I had a try and the result was amazing! My hair was shiny and soft just like I’ve visited beauty saloon. I’ll definitely use seaweed cleanser recipe regularly!

Seaweed Shampoo ReviewsPam Elo, 28
I had a chance to prepare seaweed shampoo myself and try it on my weak hair. Occasionally I suffer from dandruff and have noticed an increase in my hair loss. After the first two uses of the homemade product, I immediately noticed that my scalp stopped itching. Also, dandruff was reduced dramatically. I cannot say anything about hair growth but seems it is good for those purposes as well.

Seaweed Shampoo ReviewsKarina LuCK, 19
This homemade seaweed shampoo works great to clean my oily scalp. It smells fresh and removes any impurities with just one lather. I love thick consistency. I wash my hair every other day and I can use this twice in a row without it drying out my hair. I normally use this in rotation with other commercial shampoos. This recipe seems to be a good one for getting rid of build-up as well. The recipe includes clay which cleans the scalp very well. If you don’t like the smell, I advice to add essential oils to it.

Seaweed Shampoo ReviewsNelly Grace, 31
I color my hair, have an oily scalp, and dry ends. I don’t like using commercial shampoos so I turned to natural methods of preparing hair cleansers! I read many positive reviews about seaweed and its benefits for hair. So I decided to make my own shampoo. After several applications, my hair feels so clean and fresh. Though I don’t like its smell. But it definitely helps with my oily scalp. I use it once a week and feel satisfied with the results!

Seaweed Shampoo ReviewsDanatella, 29
I have never used seaweed myself but have heard that it is amazing for the hair when eaten (especially when it comes to increasing growth rate). I read many recipes of seaweed shampoo. And I chose the one which seemed to suit my hair type best. Yes, it cleaned gently and I didn’t need to use conditioner afterwards. I think this is something that one could use exclusively for a few months with good results. My scalp was happy with the treatment! My hair feels so voluminous and smooth!

Seaweed Shampoo ReviewsLady in Pink
I first tried homemade seaweed shampoo, but it left my hair greasy. I don’t know what I did wrong, maybe I used ingredients in wrong proportions. Or maybe shampoo isn’t suitable for my hair type. I have long wavy hair, tends to be dry and I have split ends. After washing my hair with natural cleanser I noticed it became even more dry. I don’t recommend this shampoo recipe to those girls with dry hair.

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