Calendula against Dandruff. Grandma’s Herbal Recipe


Looking for herbal recipes will be the only way out to combat dandruff if you consider conventional methods are not working. Calendula hair rinse can help much with dry itchy scalp and restoring brittle hair.

Those girls facing “unpleasant” problems of whitish flakes on their shoulders, who think about how to get rid of dandruff permanently should take into consideration herbal remedies. For centuries people throughout the world applied to various ways of using herbal gifts from nature in hair treatment.
So, if you wish to enrich and brighten your natural hair color, to solve scalp problems like dandruff or itching or add shine and volume to hair – then you found the right post to read!

Calendula hair rinse, due to its medicinal properties held in bright orange and yellow petals is considered to be an ideal topical agent. Healing benefits of calendula make it a wonderful herb for soothing the scalp and preventing dandruff.

Calendula Benefits for Hair

  • Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties restore scalp to healthy condition. Natural cure for dandruff
  • Heals small wounds on scalp and helps revive brittle hair and get rid of split ends.
  • Cleanses and refreshes hair removing grease residue making it perfect remedy for oily hair.
  • Normalizes the hair follicles activity. Promotes stronger hair by the increase of collagen production
  • Hydrates dry scalp
  • Adds firmness and elasticity to hair.
  • Nourishes hair providing it with energy and natural luster.

You may agree that list of calendula benefits is rather impressive and seems it is really worth let it be the part of daily hair care regime.

Calendula Hair Rinse: How to Make & Use

Herbal hair rinse is as simple to prepare as making a cup of tea. Basically, dried calendula flowers can be found in the tea aisle of your local grocery store or you can use fresh or dried herbs from your garden.

  • To create calendula hair rinse, just pour 2 cups of boiling water over 3 tablspoons of dried flowers and allow to infuse for 5 hours or you may leave it for overnight.
  • Strain calendula flowers from the liquid, you can make it warm if you’d like.
  • To use, slowly pour the calendula liquid over your hair and try to massage the infusion into your scalp and soak hair. Repeat the procedure keeping a narrow bowl under your head to catch the liquid and re-wash hair. You can do the same actions several times for 5-8 minutes. It is recommended not to use any conditioners after procedure and let your hair dry out in natural way.

Homemade hair rinse with calendula herb can perfectly cleanse the scalp and remove residue from the hair shaft left by different sprays, gels and conditioners. It also can soften the hair, and add shine and subtle hue. Customize your herbal product to meet your needs can be done through adding different ingredients. Below you may find the most suitable herbal rinse recipe depending on your hair type and needs.

DIY Hair Rinse: Calendula & Lavender Essential Oil

You will need:

  • calendula dried flowers – 2-3 tablespoons
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil

As a hair rinse, it imparts lovely natural highlights to the hair while adding shine. Those girls who have long hair should definitely try this recipe It is helpful in relieving dandruff and scalp irritation.

To create this herbal rinse at home, you may start with a small amount of dried scented petals in a bowl. Pour dried flowers with boiling water and let the petals steep until the liquid is completely cool. Use a strainer to remove the herbs saving the liquid into a spray bottle if you’ve got one (use any empty bottle of commercial hair product). Don’t forget to add lavender essential oil to leave amazing smell in your strands. Ready mixture won’t stay fresh for long even you keep it in the fridge so it is advised to prepare small amount of calendula rinse. After washing your hair with shampoo you can spray the herbal conditioner on damp hair and let it dry naturally. Use it as many times as you wish but remember to make a fresh portion of herbal rinse after 3-4 days.

Hair Rinse for Dandruff: Calendula & Aloe Vera

You will need:

  • calendula dried flowers – 3 tablespoons
  • ginger juice – 1 teaspoon
  • aloe vera juice – 2 tablespoons

Boil calendula herb on medium-low for 5 minutes until water turns yellow. Let cool and strain removing all herbs. Let liquid cool down and add aloe vera juice and ginger juice into the mixture. Pour liquid into a spray bottle and shake well. You can use herbal spray directly on irritated part of your scalp to reduce dandruff appearance and spread over the whole length of your hair. Keep refrigerated (follow the same rules of homemade product storage described in previous recipe).

Both ginger and calendula are ideal herbs for reducing inflammation and irritation in the scalp and for preventing infection. Aloe vera juice included in hair rinse also adds a refreshing, soothing effect on scalp. You may find interesting information in special post devoted to aloe vera benefits for hair and recipes: Using Aloe Vera for Hair Growth. Mask & Conditioner Recipe

As you see, homemade recipes for natural dandruff solution are simple. You may need to find more time to prepare herbal rinse and keep patience in obtaining better results. Don’t expect pleasant changes after fist application – only regular use may help improve scalp condition. But after all, you will enjoy your beautiful and healthy hair!

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